Beetroot, Carrot and Honey Salad
It's so delicious that this is like a main dish for me. Sour and sweet and fresh. The beetroot-carrot combination is always good. The honey gives it some exotic touch and the rosemary is a story for itself. Try it and you will make it often, I promise
Creamy Chicken Soup
I love soups, no matter the season and the weather. Hot tasty soup is always a good idea. This soup is creamy and super tasty. And most important very easy to make.
Baked Crepes with Garlic
This is an old traditional recipe that's a favorite in my family. Don't let the simple ingredients fool you. It's delicious and worth spending some more time in the kitchen.
Apple Pie
Will you believe me if I tell you that this apple pie is ready to bake in 15 minutes? Well, it is. When I first saw the recipe I did not believe it myself. It is so simple and easy to make that is unbelievable. You have to try this recipe and see yourself how tasty it is.