1. Searching products through E-Marketi, adding to the wishlist, adding to the compare list, adding to the cart, and recommending a product to a friend via email, can be done by anyone over the age of 18.

2. The Ordering of products from E-Marketi can be made only by a registered user, after previously accepting the terms of service.

3. A product's review can also be written by a registered user only.

-A registered user can be any person over 18 years of age, with a permanent or temporary address of residence in RN Macedonia, where the ordered products can be delivered.

- A registered user, to be able to make an order, ought to be a payment card holder (Visa or Mastercard).

* To register as a user, click here

4. According to the policy of E-Marketi, an order can be made only from a market in the same municipality as the municipality indicated in the address for delivery of the order.

- If the user makes a an order from another municipality, different from the municipality indicated in the delivery address, they bear the consequences of the wrong order by themselves, and E-Marketi does not have any obligation towards the customer.

5. Immediately after making the order, the user on their email, by the side of E-Marketi (ELEKTRONSKI ZELEN PAZAR DOOEL RESEN) receives an invoice of the paid order, with exact name, price and tax paid for each product separately.

- At the time of delivery, the supplier market is obliged to issue a fiscal receipt to the user.

* Please, before making your order, carefully choose a market from the same municipality where you want your delivery to be performed, thank you.